Languages as a Life Changer

And the Judges’ Choice Winners are:

Athanassia Iosifidou
Pippa Johns
Ivan Samsonov
Kailin Guo

Read the Judges’ Choice Winners’ stories here

The Competition

Share your personal story about how language learning has changed your life:

  • When did your love of languages begin?
  • How has language learning impacted on your life?
  • Do you have a favourite quote about language or language learning? Why does it resonate with you?
  • How has language learning enriched your life, opened new pathways and doors and changed your outlook on life?  …

Submission process

There are two ways you can share your story. Either:

  1. Post a short description (100 words or less) on the Languages in the Mainstream public Facebook group site. Signify that you are an entry by adding the #lovinglanguages hashtag. The entry with the most amount of ‘likes’ by noon, 14 August 2017 will win the People’s Choice Prize.

2. Email a longer description (maximum 250 words) to [email protected] by 16 June, 2017. You should also include a photograph of yourself, which can also be connected to your story (eg 20 years ago on an overseas exchange).


This competition is open to all ages, although the short description category via Facebook is only open to adults (18 years or older). The entrant must live in Western Australia and hold a valid Australian residency visa or be an Australian citizen. Entrants under 18 years of age participating in the longer description category must provide a signed and scanned Declaration Form and attach to their email.


Short (up to 100 words) description (LITM Facebook group) for the People’s Choice Prize.

Longer (up to 250 words) description for the Judges Choice Prize.

Descriptions should be written (predominantly) in English.


People’s Choice

The post with the highest number of ‘likes ‘on the LITM Facebook group before 14 August, 2017 will win $100.

Judges Choice

The top 4 longer (250 word) descriptions chosen by the judges will each receive $100. Their stories and photographs will be posted on the MLTAWA website and may be featured during Languages Week celebrations from 7-14 August 2017.

Judging criteria

The judging panel will use the following criteria to choose 4 winning 250-word descriptions for the Judges Choice Prizes:

  • Ability to persuade readers about the benefits of language learning
  • Creative and personal style of writing

Key Dates

2 March 2017          Languages Week Competitions launched

23 June 2017           Languages as a Life Changer 250 word Judges’ Choice Prize entries due via [email protected]

24 July 2017             4 x 250 word Judges’ Choice Prize winners notified and invited to attend a Languages Week event.

14 August 2017       People Choice Prize entries close (LITM Facebook group)

15 August 2017       People’s Choice winners announced and notified via Facebook

Related documents and resources

Languages as a Life Changer Competition Poster Print out and display at your school.

Declaration Form

Code of Conduct

Terms and Conditions

Enquiries: [email protected]

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