Best Buys of 2013

Many MLTAWA members know of my fondness for gizmos and gadgets. I also often joke that I became a teacher because I love stationery. In fact, this is my favourite time of year – back to school stationery sales! It sounds sad but I love wandering the aisles of stationery stores (both in Australia and overseas) and getting ideas for language learning activities with brightly coloured post-its in the shape of speech bubbles; printable iron-on t-shirt transfers; modelling clay; coloured pop sticks; and so on. Couple this inspiration with ideas from Pinterest and I’m full of anticipation and enthusiasm for entering the classroom and giving it a go with kids.

So I thought I’d share my “best buys of 2013″ with you. I shared this as a 7-minute presentation at last year’s MLTAWA Teach Meet, facilitated by the wonderful Claire Leong. If you haven’t caught up on the ideas shared there, make sure you check out the other posts!

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