Lattitude Global Volunteering: Opportunity for Language Assistants

I am sure most of you would know and respect Claire Leong. She worked for AISWA in the role of AISWA Languages Consultant for 9 years and was dedicated to improving opportunities for students to engage with others and to be equipped with the skills to become successful global citizens. It is no surprise that she is now in the role of Program Development Manger (ASIA) for Lattitude Global Volunteering, a non-for-profit supporting young people to volunteer throughout the world.

Lattitude has Chinese and Japanese university students, trainee teachers or newly graduated teachers looking to work in our schools as Volunteer Teaching Assistants in Language classrooms or more generally in primary and secondary schools as Cultural Assistants supporting students to really develop those intercultural skills so vital to their futures.

Please find attached two flyers for Japanese and Chinese Language and Culture Assistants. This is a wonderful opportunity for our schools and comes at the right time considering the cessation of ATP funding for language assistants in independent schools but the continuing strong demand for native speaker support across all systems and sectors.

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