The State of Play: Languages Education in WA – Report by SCSA Released

Important reading for all MLTAWA members – this report is the first of its kind to be commissioned by the School Curriculum and Standards Association (SCSA).

The State of Play: Languages Education in Western Australia 2014 provides a comprehensive overview on the current Pre‚Äźprimary to Year 12 language provision in and out of school settings in Western Australia.

The report provides the School Curriculum and Standards Authority Board with a sound basis to make informed decisions about the future development and provision of language education policy and curriculum in Western Australia (SCSA, 2014,p. 1).

The report is available from the SCSA website at:

Representatives from the MLTAWA; Single Language Associations; community language groups; schools; universities; parent groups; and the education sectors provided data for the report, and were then involved in a consultation meeting yesterday (13 March).

The MLTAWA welcomes ongoing consultation and collaboration with SCSA regarding the current “state of play,” policy development, and the future of Languages education in Western Australia.

One thought on “The State of Play: Languages Education in WA – Report by SCSA Released

  1. Great to see some vital research is being done, on the “worrying” state of Languages in WA. Hoping this will inform language education policy in a good way and that all education sectors will have some level of accountability and consistencey in the delivery of languages. Since the education department policy of “LOTE 2000”, we have not had a policy document which supports and advocates the teaching of languages in schools. Too often schools have been able to opt out, perceiving languages as “too hard” to support or deliver, thus not including languages in the breadth and depth of curriculum they offer.

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