Languages P-6 Achievement Standards now available

Teachers are advised that the School Curriculum and Standards Authority has recently released Achievement Standards for the Languages, from Pre-primary to Year 6. These are now available on the K-10 Outline in the year level syllabuses for each of the six languages subjects: Chinese: Second Language, French: Second Language, German: Second Language, Indonesian: Second Language, Italian: Second Language and Japanese: Second Language.

Information about these and further curriculum documents and their release was communicated to teachers via the Authority’s K-10 Circular edition 6:

“Teachers from schools across systems/sector have worked with the Authority to provide student work samples to develop the achievement standards, assessment pointers and the annotated student work samples.

The assessment pointers and annotated student work samples for Languages will be progressively uploaded from the beginning of Semester 2 2017.

The Authority will continue to work with teachers to finalise the Year 7 to Year 10 Achievement Standards and Judging Standards materials during 2017.”

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