Stories & Photos of Languages Week

Languages Week 2017

As part of the Languages in the Mainstream project, WA Languages Week (7-14 August) raised awareness of the benefits of language learning, highlighted the linguistic diversity in our community and celebrated the work of our students and teachers in community language and mainstream schools. Daily public events were held at the Office of Multicultural Interests to award achievement and hear from political and education leaders comment on the role of language learning in our society. Reports and photos of each event can be viewed via the links below:

Languages Week Opening (Monday 7 August)

‘Side by Side’ Awards Ceremony (Tuesday 8 August)

‘Let Me Tell You a Story’ Awards Ceremony (Wednesday 9 August)

Interpreting & Translating Scholarship Awards Ceremony (Thursday 10 August)

‘Languages in Our Landscapes’ Award Ceremony (Friday 11 August)

We would love to know how you celebrated Languages Week 2017. Let us know by posting an image and caption on the LITM Facebook page.

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