JLTAWA Report July 2017

Committee Members

Rosanne Jacobs President

Melissa Luyke Vice-President

Fiona Blair Secretary

Margo Whittle Treasurer

Kyohei Futaki CAC Representative

Terrena Hall Primary Representative

Sarah Burrows Website Advisor

Jaeik Jeong Committee Member

Maya Asano Committee Member

Margaret Kennedy Committee Member

Terri Ingleton Committee Member


AGM & Conference March 2017

AGM and annual Conference was held at Mt Lawley SHS on March 18th 2017 from 10-5.30, followed by dinner with guest presenters from Victoria. This was extended from a half day conference as we had many sessions we wanted to present. It was attended by 51 members, and was opened by the new Consul General Mr Tatsuo Hirayama. We had several presenters form within our membership, but our guest presenters from Victoria, Mr Nathan Lane and Mrs Kathleen Duquemin were very popular and engaging.

AGM was led and new committee elected. We welcomed Mrs Melissa Luyke as Vice President and thanked out-going Vice-President Anne Ashby for the excellent work she has done over the past years in that role. We also welcomed Ms Sarah Burrows as the new Website Editor after Kaz Nagatani decided to step down from that role.


JLTAWA Teacher of the Year

Was awarded in November 2016 at the ‘End of Year’ Party to Natalie Pearce. Nominations will be called for again in Term 4.


Calligraphy Competition

Calligraphy Competition was extended to include Years 7-10, as we felt that very little was done to engage these students by the Association. Up until now, it was a Primary only competition. Closing date is August 31st.


Kaiwa Day

Kaiwa Day will again be held on September 16th at Willeton SHS as in the past they have provided excellent facilities and support for this activity. Thanks must go to Mr Nathan Harvey for his continued support. This event is for Year 12 students.


Speech Competition

Will be held at UWA on September 9th in conjunction with the UWA lecturers Dr Kyoko Kawasaki and Dr Laura Dales. We have interest from ‘Konnichiwa’ on 107.3fm, who would like to interview the winner and report on the day. I shall be meeting with them in the near future to further promote this event.


ToyToy Ainu Visit

Thanks to Margo Whittle who put an enormous amount of work into bringing indigenous Ainu Artist ‘ToyToy’ to Perth. With the financial support of the Japan Foundation and the Department of Education, Margo brought her dream alive of bringing indigenous Japanese Ainu art and culture to Perth. Toytoy presented to approximately 70 people at the Hyogo Cultural Centre, including his traditional Japanese music and telling his life story. ToyToy also visited several Primary and High Schools.


Walk the Talk WAC PD

Three presenters from JLTAWA, Margo Whittle, Terrena Hall and Sarah Burrows have taken on the role as presenters for DoE for the new WA curriculum for ‘Walk the Talk’.



Sarah Burrows has promoted the JLTAWA Facebook page and has been using this to disseminate information. Last check the Facebook page had ‘reached’ 443 people. The website is currently being reviewed to make it more user-friendly.


University Connections

UWA lecturers ran a writing workshop on October 8th for Year 12 students at no cost to prepare them for WACE.

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