Many Languages One Methodology 2022

AISWA Many Languages – One Methodology is a comprehensive 7-day course for teachers of second/foreign languages, including English as an Additional Language/Dialect.

The course develops an extensive range of knowledge, skills and understandings about language learning, including:


  • maximising comprehensible input in the classroom
  • the notion of text and task, and an introduction to Task Based Language Teaching #TBLT
  • theories of #SLA (second language acquisition) and #SLT (second language teaching)
  • lesson planning
  • modes of communication
  • the notion of ‘big D’ discourse as a way of programming to maximise engagement and depth of learning
  • metacognition and intercultural language learning
  • effective task design, and the creation of task rubrics and analytic rating scales
  • assessing language learning
  • key principles of instructed language learning
  • characteristics of an effective Languages program


The Many Languages – One Methodology course content is similar to the semester-long unit Teaching Second/Foreign Languages (EDN556) at Murdoch University and participants may apply for advanced standing upon completion of the course and successful completion of additional assigned tasks. The course will be facilitated by Dr Lindy Norris and divided into 3 phases throughout Semester 1.

Cost: $690 (AISWA members), $880 (AISWA Catholic members), $1300 (non-members)

Revised course dates:

Phase One (3 full day workshops)
18, 19 & 20 May 2022


Phase Two (2 full day workshops)

28 & 29 July 2022

Phase Three (2 full day workshops)
7 & 8 September 2022

Further enquiries:

Kate Reitzenstein

AISWA Languages Consultant

[email protected]

Mobile: 0407 536 749


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