Love Learning Languages Poster


The Poster 

Students make an A4 poster that tells why they love learning the language that their school offers. The A4 poster must include the following:

  • the title − Love Learning Languages
  • a short description, in English, of no more than 20 words, and
  • artwork and illustrations, using any traditional art medium such as colour pencils, crayons, paint, textas or paper collage. Computer graphics, photographs, lift the flaps and 3D artwork are not permitted.


All students who are learning an additional language at their school.

Teachers/schools can only submit one entry for each year level per language from Pre-primary to Year 12.

Teachers must be members of the MLTAWA.

Age Categories

Each year level from Pre-primary to Year 12


Certificates of Merit will be awarded to all shortlisted posters. Posters will be displayed on the MLTAWA website, social media and during Languages Week.

Judging criteria

Each poster will be judged by the students’ Language teacher on:

  • inclusion of title, description and artwork
  • description in English and not more than 20 words
  • creativity and presentation
  • ability to convey ideas 

The Language teacher will shortlist one poster per year level per language per school.

Submission process

Students submit their original posters to their Language teacher.

Students whose posters have been shortlisted must sign the Declaration Forms.

Languages teachers scan the posters and signed Declaration Forms in jpeg or pdf format and save each document using the student’s name in the file name and then upload all files to submission page. The submission page is restricted to members, so please log-in before attempting to submit.

Key Dates:

May 4     Love Learning Languages poster launched.

July 31      Love Learning Languages poster submission due – uploaded online. 

August 3   Certificates of Merit emailed to the Languages teachers who submitted posters.

Languages teachers print and present the Certificates of Merit to their students.


Love Learning Languages Poster Information – print and display at your school

Declaration Form

Terms and Conditions

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