Translating & Interpreting Scholarship Ceremony

The Language Industry event focused on the professions associated with languages and brought the awardees of 10 Diploma of Interpreting and Translating scholarships together to receive their certificates. Students from Swan Christian College and Mazenod College did a fabulous job providing opening entertainment, singing songs in Afrikaans, Burmese and German.

Guest speaker, Mrs Maria Outtrim, Team Leader for Teaching and Learning at Catholic Education of Western Australia started by recalling Languages Week of the past:

“One of the highlights of it was also bringing in the EAL/D (English as an Additional Language/Dialect) students into it. It is a very special time where we come to recognise the importance of learning a second language but also for students who come from a different background to be able to proud of displaying who they are and what language they speak”

Mr Mark Painting, Chief Executive Officer for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters NAATI) gave a reminder of the importance of being able to access and speak one’s own language:

“Congratulations to the Office of Multicultural Interests and the MLTAWA for the leadership and initiative of something like this. The concept of ‘Languages in the Mainstream’ is a beautiful succinct way of putting what is a really big challenge, but summarising it in a few words. Language lies at the very heart of social justice and equity in Australia. The ability for individuals to be able to access important social and public services, is a right that is often taken for granted.”

Shamsa Sadik, Associate Member of the WA Institute of Translators & Interpreters (WAITI) gave insight into the complexities and rewards of interpreting:

“If you want to become an interpreter you have to undertake studies and get a qualification, just like any other profession… And once qualified it is essential that interpreters continuously upgrade their relevant knowledge and skills pertinent to their profession through training, both formal and informal.”

Helen Maddocks, Manager of Strategy and Planning, at the Office of Multicultural Interests announced the 10 winners of the Translating & Interpreting Scholarships.