Australia in the Asian Century

Although the Australia in the Asian Century website has already been archived ( and is no longer updated, it includes very important information about the learning and teaching of Asian Languages in Australia, now and into the future. Most importantly, it provides access to the <i>Australia in the Asian Century</i> White Paper, and the context  surrounding its development and implementation.


White Paper sets a new course for Asian languages and studies in Australian Schools. 

It says success in the Asian century will require all 
Australian students to have a better 
understanding of the culture, history and 
languages of our Asian neighbours. 

Starting in school, students will need to 
develop the capabilities and skills to better 
understand and be active in the region.

— AISWA Languages Website (

The MLTAWA is sorry to learn that the White Paper’s website has been archived and that the policy and actions outlined in the White Paper “to be developed over the next 10 to 15 years” may be delayed, or forgotten.


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