The AFMLTA Professional Standards

From the AFMLTA Professional Standards Project Website (

In 2004, the AFMLTA was granted funding by the former Department of Education, Science and Training to develop professional standards for languages teaching. This project produced a set of professional standards which were designed to be generic across languages. …

In addition, the AFMLTA was asked to develop a language specific version of the Standards document for Indonesian. These Standards were designed to describe accomplished teachers. They reflect an ideal for languages and cultures teaching to which teachers can aspire throughout their career. Teachers are encouraged to use them to understand and to develop their own professional practice.

The Professional Standards Project is based on these Standards and has two main activities:

  1. Developing language specific versions of the Standards for a further six languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish).
  2. Developing a series of professional learning modules relating to the Standards which will allow teachers to investigate their own practice in the light of the Standards.

Language specific annotations of the Standards are available on the website.

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