Implementing / improving your Languages program

As many schools in Western Australia prepare to commence planning for the implementation of the Western Australian P-10 Curriculum: Languages, it is important to stop and reflect on the current Languages program within your school and consider ways to strengthen and keep it sustainable.  A useful tool to assist in strategic planning is the Language Fishbone Diagram developed by Dr Lindy Norris from Murdoch University which prompts schools to consider six important ‘P’ factors for a successful program. To access the Fishbone Diagram and the revised version by Dr Lindy Norris and Claire Leong click here.

This tool is also extremely useful for schools who are establishing a Languages program for the first time. Another highly recommended resource that can be used in the implementing/improvement cycle is the LOTE Planning Framework.  Produced in 2000, it still provide relevant advice for teachers, schools and their communities. It can be accessed via the active hyperlink in the Fishbone Diagram.

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