Are you ready for Languages Week 2019?

What are you planning to do? Some ideas from the MLTAWA committee.

  • organise lunchtime karaoke in different languages
  • have students create posters (either in English or target language or both) to celebrate their language learning by encouraging them to complete one of the following statements – Send your favourites to us and we will publish on the website ([email protected])ยท
    • I love learning a language because…
    • Learning a language has…
    • Languages are important because…    
  • film students and staff saying a short introduction in their language – either the one they are learning or their home language, and putting them together to make a short film to show at an assembly
  • display student languages work either in the school library or a public space e.g. local library or shopping centre (local schools can collaborate for a bigger display)
  • share with the school community the number of languages spoken by the students and staff
  • play card games or board games in the target language at recess or lunch
  • conduct a class languages quiz
  • give a short PA announcement each morning in a different language
  • run a competition on your school intranet about languages which is open to all students to participate, give prizes at end of week
  • a school-based version of Languages in Our Landscape (a display of photographs and descriptions) – can be judged by students and staff through a People’s Choice process
  • practise tongue twisters in different languages
  • play games that originate in other countries.

Languages Week ~ 5-9 August

More ideas available on the MLTAWA website here and here .

Resources published by OMI and the WA Museum for Languages Week 2018 are available here.

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