Phulwari 2021

The annual gala event “Phulwari 2021” was proudly presented by Paathshala and Hindi Samaj of Western Australia on 27th Nov 2021 at Beasley Theatre, Perth. Our Immediate Past President attended the event in representation of the MLTAWA. Below is a short extra of the event presented by Ms. Rashmi Loyalka, President of the Hindi Samaj of WA.

It was a spectacle to see the pearls of art and culture woven through Hindi Language and presented on stage through magnificent displays of talent and live performances of young artists. These acts were supported by compelling and playful musical scores, cultural displays and colourful costumes. The instrumentalists playing soulful music, live singing, dancing, puppetry, poem recitals and storytelling by children created a dynamic, riveting and spectacular two-hour production. The beautiful masterwork and energy on stage was reciprocated by the lively and energetic audience. The electrifying finale “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”, “As the tune matches, mine and yours” beautifully concluded the show in an attempt to remind the audience to celebrate the beauty of diversity and cultures.

Rashmi Loyalka

President, Hindi Samaj of WA

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