Australian Curriculum Review Consultation

Australian Curriculum Review consultation

Your feedback is now invited on proposed revisions to the Australian Curriculum: Languages in German, Indonesian, Korean, Modern Greek and Spanish. Your responses will help ensure the Australian Curriculum: Languages continues to remain world-class and meets the needs of students.


The Australian Curriculum is designed to help all young Australians to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens. Presented as a developmental sequence of learning from Foundation to Year 10, the Australian Curriculum describes to teachers, parents, students and others in the wider community what is to be taught and the quality of learning expected of young people as they progress through school.

The Australian Curriculum ensures the same high standard curriculum content is available to every student, regardless of where they live. It reflects the priorities and expectations we hold for our young people.

The Australian Curriculum Review

On 12 June 2020, Australia’s education ministers agreed it was timely to review the Foundation – Year 10 Australian Curriculum, which outlines the core knowledge and skills to be taught to students from Foundation to Year 10, wherever they live in Australia.

The Review looked to improve the Australian Curriculum by refining, realigning and decluttering the content so it focuses on the essential knowledge and skills students should learn and is clearer for teachers on what they need to teach. Public consultation on the F–10 learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities was undertaken as part of the review.

The new Australian Curriculum website, hosting the updated and approved Australian Curriculum, Version 9.0 was designed with teachers for teachers and is one of the few digitalised curricula in the world. You can view the endorsed Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 (with the first 4 languages) on the new website.

Australian Curriculum: Languages

As required by the Review’s terms of reference, the languages French, Japanese, Chinese and Italian were reviewed and endorsed as part of the first phase of the Australian Curriculum Review. The remaining 12 languages of the Australian Curriculum are to be finalised by the end of 2023.

Public consultation

Public consultation on the next 5 languages is open for 10 weeks from 31 May to 9 August 2022.

Australian Curriculum: Languages

  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Korean
  • Modern Greek
  • Spanish


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