Languages Roadshow: Teacher mentoring program

Hi teachers

In 2023 Languages Roadshow is launching a 6 month teacher mentoring program specifically for Languages teachers.

This program has come about because so many of you have told us you need more support.  A lot of you are the only Languages teacher in your school (or sometimes even in your whole town). A lot of you feel as though regardless of whether you graduated as a qualified Languages teacher or not, you don’t have all that much practical knowledge around the different languages teaching methods available to you.  Most importantly, a lot of you feel as though you lack someone with Languages specific knowledge to bounce ideas off or to get advice from on curriculum related issues.

A single day of professional development is a great re-energiser and an excellent way to get new ideas (we love running PD days!) but what I’ve realised is that the support teachers need runs deeper than that. It needs to be more personalised. We need the chance to ask the questions that pop up days, weeks and months after first being exposed to an idea, or first encountering an issue.


Enter ‘The Teacher Training Top-Up for Languages Teachers’!


Our 6 month program will run completely online and is made for any primary or secondary languages teacher. The sessions will be fortnightly, out of school hours, so no teacher release is required. We’ll cover all the sorts of topics you wish you’d learnt about at uni and all the things you wish someone could support you with in your Languages teaching role.


If you need some pedagogical upskilling or some support with all the myriad tasks that make up the role of being a Languages teacher, then check out out the information pack attached.


If you are interested in finding out more, fill out our very quick expression of interest form below.


Mobile: 0404442655

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