Invitation for 2023 MJS Grant Application for Japanese Language Teachers in Australia

Dear Japanese language teachers,

The MJS Centre (Japanese Studies Centre for Teaching Development) would like to invite applicants for a MJS Grant for Japanese language teachers in Australia.

Grant applications need to be submitted by 1 March, 2023, online via the following link: (

The MJS Centre’s grant scheme is provided by the Nippon Foundation Fund for Japanese Language Education Program (NF-JLEP). All grant recipients will also receive a lifetime membership of the NF-JLEP Fellows.

The grant scheme is designated to support teachers’ professional development to enhance their aptitude as leading Japanese language teachers in Australia.

It may be used for example for language/cultural immersion and/or field work in Japan, enrolment in a formal language course, research, conference presentation and/or teaching relief for such activities. It may also be used collectively for the development/establishment of a workshop, website or resources for teachers’ professional development.

Each grant will be $4,000, available for each of up to ten (10) successful applicants. The MJS Centre Committee will make the final decision regarding the allocation of each grant and no further correspondence or communication shall be entered into once a decision has been made.

You may preview the application form in PDF before filling it out.

Eligibility & Conditions 

• Applicants must be Japanese language teachers, currently working in a primary or secondary school (full-time or part-time) in Australia.

• The applicant must clearly articulate the aim, significance, benefit(s), justifiable budget and details of proposed activity.

• Provision of supporting documents (e.g., confirmed acceptance of a conference presentation, agreement for a journal/book, book chapter publication, acceptance from a host Japanese organisation, receipt/enrolment record for a Japanese language course, supervisor’s agreement, a reference letter) will be beneficial.

• Each applicant must only be one person even in the case of say a collective development of a workshop for teachers’ professional development etc.

• The grant must be fully spent by the end of 2023.

• Grant recipients will be required to submit a completion report via the MJS website, by 1 Feb 2024.


Please email [email protected] you require any further information.


We look forward to receiving many exciting applications for this grant.



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