Register for the 2023 Education Perfect Languages Championship

It’s time to see if your students are fluent in the intricacies of multiple tongues, relish the challenge of learning new vocabulary and are passionate about exploring different cultures!

That’s right, it’s time for the 2023 EP Languages Championship!
This year, the championships run from:

Starts: 7th March – 4 pm AEDT
Ends: 14th March – 4 pm AEDT
As with previous years, all EP Languages are included in the event, and students from all years are warmly invited to participate. This is a wonderful opportunity for your learners to have fun celebrating language learning with peers from over 2,000 schools around the world!


Read more about this year’s Championship, including details about certificates and prizes, in our handy event help guide here.


We look forward to seeing your students’ engagement in our 2023 EP Global Languages Championship event!


Good luck / buena suerte / โชคดี / सौभाग्य / 행운을 빕니다 / bonne chance!


Register for the Languages Championship here!

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