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My name is Maria-Antonia Campagna and I am a qualified Italian teacher and the Director of GRUPPO IT.  For more than twenty years, I have been teaching Italian to multi-age students both in a school setting and a private setting in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  Innovative and suitable lessons designed to engage and meet the specific needs of students has always been at the forefront of my teaching.

In 2020, with the scarcity of work as a tutor and casual relief teacher, I had to find new and exciting ways to fill my time.  In fact, ‘time’ became my constant companion and the catalyst that helped transform my dream of writing books into reality.


“My Verb Book Companion- LEARN IT.  DRILL IT.  USE IT.”

A user friendly companion containing practical notes, varied drills and activities aimed at improving your knowledge of the most frequently used tenses in the Italian language.

PRICE:  $90.00

“My Verb Book Companion- LEARN IT.  DRILL IT.  USE IT.” (Answer Booklet)

This booklet provides you with all the answers for the DRILL IT. exercises found in the companion.

PRICE:  $30.00

“Caffè e Conversazione- Have fun with IT.” (Volume 1:  Programs 1-4)

“Caffè e Conversazione- Have fun with IT.” (Volume 2:  Programs 5-8)

“Caffè e Conversazione- Have fun with IT.” (Volume 3:  Programs 9-12)

The above volumes are a beginner’s guide to conversational Italian. The programs have an emphasis on conversational dialogues and role-playing where students have the possibility to practice language concepts learnt in a fun and relaxed manner.

PRICE:  $66.00 each

If you would like to purchase a copy of the books or request sample excerpts, it can be done directly through me at ma7634 [@] I can send an invoice and once payment is received, a receipt will be issued. Books purchased will be delivered by Express Post.

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