Four competitions were introduced as part of the revival of Languages Week in 2017. Three of these will be formally run by the MLTAWA in 2019 – Let Me Tell You a Story, Let Me Tell You in My Language, Side by Side and Languages in our Landscape. 

Click onto the links below to take you to the homepage of each competition where you will find all the related information and resources.

Let Me Tell You a Story, Let Me Tell You in My Language

Produce a bilingual text film or e-Book. Open to WA school aged students who are bilingual or have a background in a language other than English. Community language teachers, Aboriginal language teachers and EALD/ESL teachers can encourage their students to take part in this competition or incorporate into their teaching/learning programs in 2019.

Side by Side

Conduct a conversation in the target language with a classmate and record it on video. Open to second language learners from P-12 in WA mainstream school programs. Language teachers can incorporate this task into their teaching/learning programs and make one school submission per age/language category.

Languages in our Landscape

Submit photographs from your landscape/environment which represent the diversity of living languages in our community. 2019 is the International Year of Indigenous Languages and to celebrate, in addition to the main competition, the MLTAWA is introducing a special category of with a focus on Aboriginal languages in the landscape. Both categories of this competition are open to all WA school-aged students.

Languages as a Life Changer

Provide email or online written responses to interview questions about how language learning has changed your life. Open to any WA resident of any age group. This competition is not running in 2019 but teachers may consider incorporating aspects of this into their teaching/learning programs.