2013 Breakfast & AGM: Photo Gallery

The MLTAWA Annual General Meeting was held over breakfast at Frasers Restaurant in Kings Park on Saturday 23 November. What a fantastic venue! With the view of the city spread out infront of us, we enjoyed a great spread of food whilst participating in the AGM.

Kate Reitzenstein was awarded the Hilde Dixon Award. Nominated by both AISWA and WILTA, she is a worthy recipient of this year’s prize. Kate has worked tirelessly for Languages education, especially Indonesian, and truly encapsulates the criteria of receiving the Hilde Dixon Award:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the teaching and learning of languages
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the welfare and inclusion of all students
  • Demonstrate a nurturing nature and significant contribution to other language teachers in the profession (i.e. Teacher development, mentorship, professional association involvement, district or regional networks, involvement in other organisations with a language interest).
  • Demonstrate involvement with, and service to, a (SLA) single language association and / or MLTAWA.

Margo Whittle (JLTAWA) was also a finalist for the award, and we congratulate them both on their achievements.

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