#MLTAWA16 Biennial State Conference


The #MLTAWA16 Biennial State Conference theme From Margins to Mainstream is a signal to change and contests the monolingual mindset that has kept languages education in Australia on the margins for too long. The conference provides a forum for advocacy for Languages and awareness raising of new directives, new curriculum and alternative approaches to teaching and learning. Our challenge is for ‘the mainstream’ to perceive language learning as an essential part of education in Australia and understanding of the crucial role it plays role in literacy development and intercultural skills.

The conference encourages the sharing of ideas, research and best practice. There will also be scope for exploring the implications of past, present and future policies.

Conference themes include:

  • Leading and transforming languages programs
  • Student diversity and multilingualism
  • Effective pedagogies for language learning
  • Planning for and implementation of P-10 Western Australian Curriculum: Languages
  • Promoting and advocating for Languages

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