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ImmerseMe uses virtual reality-based (VR) software as a way to introduce learners to authentic and interactive language learning! ImmerseMe has been proven to improve listening, speaking, reading, fluency and confidence of second language learners.

As a follow up to Jeremy Snyder’s MLTAWA Pop-Up PL presentation on ImmerseMe on 27 March, there are two big updates that may be of interest to you.

  1. Alternative responses: In addition to the ~15,000 contextual responses per language, ImmerseMe has now included an additional ~250,000 variations to those sentences. This greatly increases the acceptable variants of responses rather than strictly scripted conversations.
  2. Teacher customisation: In the next few weeks, ImmerseMe will be releasing teacher customisation. This means that teachers are able to create their own lists of relevant conversations (“Year 7 – Term 1”, or “Chapter One of Coursebook”, etc) improving the usability for students.

The Pronunciation, Translation and Immersion modes are now all available, and the Dictation mode will be developed next. If you haven’t yet signed your school up for a free trial of ImmerseMe, please contact Scott Cardwell [email protected]

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