Grants: 2018 MLTAWA State Conference

Interested in attending our wonderful conference? Why not apply for one of the following grants?

Recipients of a grant will have their registration cost covered. Applications close 24 May 2018.  Click here to apply

Grants will be available to in the following categories:

      1. Presenter (chosen on merit) currently a MLTAWA member
      2. New Graduate (drawn): Current university student and/or teacher in first or second year of teaching in 2018
      3. First Timer (drawn): A language teacher, currently a MLTAWA member, who has not attended a previous MLTAWA State Conference
      4. Community Languages (drawn): A teacher at a community language school in 2018
      5. Regional (drawn): A language teacher, currently a MLTAWA member, at a regional or remote school (2 grants)
      6. Pre-service (drawn): A final year pre-service language teacher
      7. Open (drawn): A Teacher/university lecturer (not eligible for any of the other grant categories) currently a MLTAWA member

Please note: The grant only covers registration. Relief, travel, accommodation or any other costs are not covered.

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