Grants: 2018 MLTAWA State Conference

Interested in attending our wonderful conference? Why not apply for one of the following grants?

Recipients of a grant will have their registration cost covered. Applications close 24 May 2018.

Grant applications have now closed. Successful applicants will be notified soon.

Grants will be available to in the following categories:

      1. Presenter (chosen on merit) currently a MLTAWA member
      2. New Graduate (drawn): Current university student and/or teacher in first or second year of teaching in 2018
      3. First Timer (drawn): A language teacher, currently a MLTAWA member, who has not attended a previous MLTAWA State Conference
      4. Community Languages (drawn): A teacher at a community language school in 2018
      5. Regional (drawn): A language teacher, currently a MLTAWA member, at a regional or remote school (2 grants)
      6. Pre-service (drawn): A final year pre-service language teacher
      7. Open (drawn): A Teacher/university lecturer (not eligible for any of the other grant categories) currently a MLTAWA member

Please note: The grant only covers registration. Relief, travel, accommodation or any other costs are not covered.

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