PL Day Presentations & Resources

Thank you to the presenters who have kindly made their presentation slides and / or supporting resources available to members.

Teachers as resources: further advancing ourselves and the profession – Nathan Harvey

Presentation slides

Program Standards Reflection Sheet

Teacher Standards Reflection Sheet

Gianfranco Conti Mini Session: the Highlights – Kate Williams

Presentation slides

Mindfulness in your Classroom – Tanja Colgan & Kate Williams

Presentation slides

Coding and ICT in the Classroom – Halina Sobkowiak

Presentation slides

Add Value with Authentic and Vibrant AV Resources in and out of the Language Classroom – Moya McLauchlan

Online resources

A sample of useful videos:


Oreille Coupee This was originally an interactive website but now remains only as a video. Great story, great graphics and language appropriate for lower secondary.


Bajaj Transformer –  Great story for students to relate and heaps of references to culture. No Language at all.

SURFAID video of when a quake happens –  National and regional language as people scramble to safety during an earthquake. The video team happened to be on-site to teach the villagers what to do in an earthquake. Great to listen to before watching and reading the English commentary.

Public Safety video – Ayo Mudik – Selamat Pulang Kampung  Animation with song about how to travel safely on the road home for Lebaran.

SWAHILITing-tinga Tales –  Gorgeous whether in English or any other language. In this case, the language matches the story and illustrations.


My can-not Mum /My Imperfect Mum  –  Great story that shows modern home-life in China. This would fit into a program around Mothers’ Day Nad you can read how Ruby used it in her class at


Cool song for junior primary

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